NE-1 Station: Creative Commons


Welcome to NE-1 Station: Creative Commons

Located in McCook in the beautiful plains and river valleys of southwest Nebraska, NE-1 Station is a welcoming place for people from all paths of life united by a passion for art.

NE-1 supports artists and the arts in it's many forms. We welcome you to join us whether your passion is for painting, writing, sculpture, music, dance, fiber arts, abstract, photography, or any of the many other forms that art takes. We also welcome you if you would just like to participate in events, enjoy the art we display, or find community as well!

Our calendar of events is featured below and you can RSVP to events on Facebook. Virtual options are available for many of our events - please reach out to us via email or Messenger for the link.

Have more questions? Want to talk to a person? Not sure if NE-1 Station is for you (hint: it's Anyone Station!)? Email us at and we'll reach out!